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The Stone Age of Art

TacArt Stone is a leading company in the field of GRC-GFRC-GFRG-GFRP Precast systems with many projects it has realized in Turkey and abroad.

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What are we doing?
Our work

Precast GFRC Systems

Glass fiber GRC or GFRC is currently one of the most modern reinforced concrete building technologies. Composite concrete GRC (GFRC) is an architectural building product that is much stronger and more durable than conventional concrete.

3D Products

3D wall panels, which have become quite popular in recent years, are often preferred. 3D wall panels, which are decorative applications, are one of the most important elements in wall decoration.

Natural Stones

We offer you a living space made of natural stones such as travertine, beige, limestone and marble, which take thousands of years to form and provide a different warmth, a different atmosphere and a way of life to the places we live in.

Stone turns into art

As TacArt Stone, we have been following the technological developments in the sector since the day we were founded and integrating our knowledge into the projects we do with the understanding of "minimum cost maximum benefit".

Why TacArt Stone?

Zero Risk

We offer a risk-free structure and a reliable life with the materials we use and our experienced team.

Powerful Equipment

We provide service with robust and quality equipment that is suitable for the nature of our work and leaves no room for risk.

Professional Team

We are working to offer more options with our professional team that is experienced and trained in the field, developing and open to improvement.

Quality Materials

We use the highest quality materials with our belief in the future of the art product we create.

On Time Delivery

Delivery of the products on the agreed date thanks to our professional team and equipment.


We deliver the works of art we have designed for you, ready for use after the manufacturing process and assembly process.


We have many certificates from national and international official institutions that register and certify our art.

Always New Ideas

We are aware that innovation is the most important element of development and going forward, and we are constantly trying new things.


The history of wall panels
We are rewriting...

Latest Projects

Africa Mozambique

Luxury villa built by TacArt Stone in Mozambique, the capital of Africa.

Russian Cultural Center

Cultural center built by TacArt Stone in the Caucasus Region of Russia.

Konyaaltı Antalya

We designed urban furniture sitting group for Antalya Konyaaltı Beach Park.

3D Wall Panels

Wall panels that are manufactured by TacArt Stone and give your walls a stylish and ostentatious look...

We are rewriting the rule of 3D designs...




Center office:

Next Level Kızılırmak Mah. Dumlupınar Bulvarı No: 3 A Kat:4 D. No: 10 PK: 06520 Çankaya/ANKARA

Production facility:

Gaziler Mahallesi Küçük Esnaflar Sanayi Sitesi 254.Sokak No:8 Aksu/ANTALYA

Russia Office:

Business Center Barclay Plaza 121087 Moscow, ul. Barclay 6 Building 5, Office 118



As TacArt Stone, we are the leading company that represents Turkey abroad with our meticulousness and quality understanding that we do not compromise with many projects we have realized in Turkey and abroad.

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(+90) 312 440 42 03